COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 District Communications

5/22/2020, Opening of Schools Update

Dear North Penn School Community,
It is with great seriousness that I write this update to staff and families. As you know there is much discussion both nationwide and locally about the in-person reopening of schools for the 2020-2021 school year in terms of whether it can happen, and if it does, what schools would look like. Furthermore, if schools cannot reopen or are open for a short time before needing to close because of COVID-19, how will distance learning be fine-tuned to best meet the needs of our students.
Here in NPSD, we do not have the answers to all of these questions...yet. We are working diligently, however, to develop plans based on the numerous scenarios that could occur. I meet regularly with Montgomery County superintendents, local officials, and others involved in the operations of schools to share ever-evolving information and to engage in thoughtful discussions about the issues at hand.

From how we would ensure our schools are properly cleaned and how to keep students and staff six feet apart, to taking temperatures and how to mitigate virus exposure on buses, we are thoroughly reviewing the recommended guidelines and what is feasible in our schools. At the same time, we are looking at how we can improve the distance learning model we implemented this spring to ensure it delivers the excellent quality education for which NPSD is known and includes more socialization and interaction among teachers and classmates.

Our plates are full for sure. But like I have written before, we are North Penn. We will not only dream big, but we will create big and we will achieve greatness, whether in our schools or in an online setting. 

It is important to me that you are able to gain a window into the present thinking of your administrative leadership team. You also may have questions and thoughts of your own regarding the reopening of schools and the NPSD administration wants to hear from you. On Thursday, May 28th, we will hold two online community forums to provide you with the opportunity to hear our present thinking and to share your thoughts as we work to develop plans in the coming months. One forum will be at 2:30 p.m. for staff and one for the community will be held at 7 p.m.  More information on how to participate will be released next week, but please mark your calendars now for these important meetings.

I understand how stressful our current and future situation is to everyone. Our staff is facing a new and uncertain way of providing for our students, while juggling the needs of their own lives. Families are faced with supporting a distance learning program, while working and managing their own stress and concerns. And our students are faced with a new reality that seems so unfair.

Your wellness is extremely important to me. I hope you can take some time over the upcoming holiday weekend to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, put North Penn work aside, and be thankful for the good things in your life.  Please rejuvenate and then please consider joining us May 28th for thoughtful discussion.   

Please take care.

Dr. Curtis R. Dietrich

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