Virtual Model


The 100% virtual model is an option parents/students can seek that will allow students to receive 100% of their instruction from their home.  Students will receive their daily lessons and instruction via the teacher live streaming from the classroom to their Chromebook.  At times during the day, asynchronous/independent work will be assigned similar to actually being in the classroom. Students will follow the typical schedule.


Clubs or other activities outside of the school day will be phased in as deemed necessary by each school.  Each activity will follow the appropriate protocols and guidelines.


Students are expected to attend daily whether in-person or at home receiving live streamed instruction. Teachers will take attendance each morning in homeroom for both in person and at home learning at the elementary level and at the start of each class for secondary students. Parents are required to follow our standard protocols for reporting a student absent by calling/emailing the main office attendance secretary (secondary families should not email the main office), homeroom teacher, or using the SafeArrival app to schedule an absence.  Please refer to our elementary attendance guidelines in the Elementary Handbook and our secondary attendance guidelines in the Middle School and High School handbooks.



  • Social distancing and isolation with a smaller group of students for the entirety of the school day
  • Continuity with their already assigned classroom teacher 
  • Provides for greater social distancing
  • Provides continuity of a typical schedule
  • Students can participate in lessons via livestream and interact with peers remotely


NPSD approved the use of grant money to purchase more than $500,000 in video conferencing equipment to make this hybrid model robust and engaging. It will involve teachers interacting with online students via a large screen TV with camera, a microphone so students at home and in school can hear each other, and a wireless microphone for teachers to speak with online students directly. Watch this video to better explain how the technology will work.  NPSD will continue to utilize Canvas as its learning management tool and other programs specific to individual teachers and courses. Students will be expected to bring their Chromebooks fully charged each day and take them home to charge each night.  Tech support will be available to assist with any technical issues during the day.